Country info


Montenegro (Crna Gora) is a country located in the South Eastern Europe. It borders Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. Has access to the Adriatic Sea.

Population: 625000

Capital: Podgorica

Old Royal Capital: Cetinje

Currency: Euro (In circulation from 5¢ coin to 100€ banknote. 200€ and 500€ banknotes are used only for higher transactions.)

Official language: Montenegrin

Surface: 13,812 sq km (5019 sq mi)

Coast length: 298 km (185 mi)

Biggest island: Ada Bojana

Highest peak: Zla Kolata, Prokletije (2,534 m)

Deepest canyon: Tara River Canyon — 1,300 m (deepest canyon in Europe, 2nd deepest canyon in the world)

National parks: Durmitor, Biogradska gora, Lovćen, Skadarsko lake, Prokletije

UNESCO sites: Kotor, Durmitor

International airports: Podgorica, Tivat

National holidays: 21st May (Independence day), 13th July (Statehood day)